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‘Aura Kingdom’ powered by Gamebryo to add new class ‘SIDE”, the summoner of the hell

X-LEGEND entertainment Korea announced on 23rd, Mar., that they will add new class ‘SIDE’ to their MMORPG Aura Kingdom on 31st, Mar.
Aura Kingom has beautiful scenery and bright image and features that anyone can enjoy, so currently worldwide 13 million people is playing this game.

By using the new class ‘SIDE’, a remote attacking character, you can call the spectors from hell through the previous contract with spector. Users can call the spector up to 3 times at a time, and after called, spectors can improve the ability of character according to their feature, and also can call various spetors depending on each battle situation.

Once called by SIDE, each spector has different effects, and moreover they will be helpful for attacking, defending, and recovering. When summoner attacks, ‘Attractive devil, ALIA’ may help to recover HP, and ‘Dark dragon, LAFREY’ allow to damage continuously when the summoner attacks the target. The users can use these characters repeatedly. The character “The fox of Devildom, RURUS” can improve the summoner’s speed and move speed and also ”Berserker, SAKKA’ can enhance the summoner’s maximum HP. “Chivalrous fighter, BRAKE’ can damage furthermore. Finally, “Demon from hell, Quester” has a ability that can improve the summoner’s critical damage. Game users can call the spectors depending on each battle situation, and enjoy it’s advantage.

X-LEGEND entertainment Korea said “In addition to the new class, we always try to provide reliable service and rapid contents update for korean users. We will thankfully take your advice and interest for game operation and contents.

For the detail update and game, please refer to the Aura Kingdom official site(https://ak.x-legend.co.kr) or promotion website (https://ak.x-legend.co.kr/landing_page_blade/Default.html)

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