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Gamebryo: Extensible and Modular

In order to deliver a great game, designers need a full-featured game development system that provides a cohesive game creation experience. This is the core philosophy of the Gamebryo® game development solution: to encourage spontaneous creativity and facilitate innovation, inspiration, and fun -- and give you the tools you need to stand up your game quickly, then experiment with and iterate on your game's design.

Unlike engine solutions that require developers to follow a set integrated workflow, Gamebryo is based on a modular architecture that allows teams to easy modify, extend and re-factor the solution to meet the unique needs of their creative vision. This flexibility distinguishes Gamebryo from engine solutions built around a specific genre. Gamebryo significantly reduces the amount of development effort required to mix and match engine components to suit unique customer workflows.

Rapid Iteration, Prototyping and Production

Rapid Iteration, workflow enablers and real-time "hot" updates increase production efficiency by unblocking artists, designers and programmers. Streamline the creation of scenes, levels, and worlds. Iterate with gameplay mechanics, look-and-feel, and art assets in more detail with less time, to get your game looking and playing the way you want.

This workflow enables prototypes to be built quickly and easily, but more importantly enables the prototype to gradually evolve directly into the completed game. When you build your prototype with Gamebryo, you’re building your game. Everything you develop for your demo moves directly into your game, making Gamebryo your prototype and your production solution.


Gamebryo is built on one common architecture, but is specifically targeted and optimized for each platform. So even if a studio “only” develops a single PC, Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii title, the studio can rest assured that it’s choosing a proven technology solution optimized for that specific particular platform. Whether you are developing serially or concurrently, Gamebryo maximizes your investment, allowing cross platform games to cost less and deliver faster! Using Gamebryo gives you more options for maximizing your commercial return by giving you the technical option to target multiple platforms – and minimizes risk and cost if the decision happens to be made late in the project.

Partner Integrations

Partner integrations enable studios to use several best of breed technologies, pre-integrated with Gamebryo.