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Epiphany Games Leverages Gamebryo 3D Engine for Frozen Hearth

RALEIGH, N.C. (November 20, 2012) – Gamebase USA, a subsidiary of Gamebase Co. Ltd, announced today that Australia-based Epiphany Games is using the Gamebryo engine to develop Frozen Hearth, a real-time strategy game with a groundbreaking cooperative campaign. The game is now available for pre order on Rain DG.

Frozen Hearth is the second title from Epiphany Games featuring the Amorrá world setting and the first adventure in a planned series across multiple games. The world of Amorrá is facing an insurmountable force of horrific monsters who aim to bring a tide of ice and snow that will cover and destroy all before it. This threatened landscape is the motherland to the Danaan, a Celtic inspired race of people, who must oppose the invading army of supernatural creatures.

“Gamebryo Lightspeed provided us with an efficient game creation environment that simplified our development workflow and allowed us to rapidly implement gameplay features,” said Damien Lee, the Chief Technology Officer at Epiphany Games. “The Gamebryo tools allowed us to iterate our fast-paced RTS action system with high-quality graphics, all while running at high frame rates. The enhancements from Frozen Hearth development have been made available in Lightspeed 2012 and include a deferred render, post process framework with bloom and color correction, decorations and decals. We hope that new studios find the engine as easy to use and accessible as we do, added Morgan Lean, the Chief Executive Officer at Epiphany Games.”

Frozen Hearth gives players an opportunity to team up in a co-op campaign or play solo. While controlling the three Danaan tribes, players will use strategy, spells, special abilities and items to combat the hordes of monsters. Players must pay close attention to the weather and environmental effects which impact how battles may be approached.

“Working with Epiphany Games has made Lightspeed 2012 a stronger product, due to the experience and expertise of a competent studio.  I look forward to continuing our partnership into the future,” said David Brame, Chief Executive Officer at Gamebase USA.

Key features found in Frozen Hearth:

  • Co-operative and single play campaign
  • Environmental effects which impact gameplay
  • Two races: the brave Danaan and the insidious Shangur
  • Powerful Avatar and Demiurge Hero units
  • Skill-based unit progression
  • Multiple spells, abilities and items

About Epiphany Games
Based out of Sydney, Australia, Epiphany Games was started in 2004. Epiphany Games was established with the intention to be the best game and technology development studio. It is a highly talented and motivated studio, with development capabilities on all platforms – PC, mobile and all consoles. For more information on Epiphany Games, please visit www.epiphanygames.net

About Gamebase USA
Based in the Research Triangle Park region of North Carolina, Gamebase USA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gamebase Co. Ltd. Gamebase Co. Ltd. is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Gamebase USA is the developer of Gamebryo, a 3D game engine that is available for development on all major platforms. Gamebryo, LightSpeed and related logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Gamebase Co. Ltd. in the United States and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. For more information about Gamebryo, please visit www.gamebryo.com.

Media Contact:
Allison Flentje