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KeroroRPG Powered by Gamebryo, Launched in Online Portal Tooniland

CJ E&M announced that they will start the formal service of Keroro RPG through the online game portal Tooniland.

KeroroRPG is an online role-playing game which has been developed by CJ E&M and provided by Tooniland. The open beta test brought a new character type of Wizard, which balanced the playable jobs in the game. With the formal opening of KeroroRPG, Tooniland allows users to play KeroroRPG at any time. 

In celebration for the launch of KeroroRPG, diverse events and awards are planned. With just logging onto KeroroRPG, you could get a gift; New I-Pads(for 1), KeroroRPG t-shirts(for 100), or KeroroRPG hats(for 100). Also, all the people who create characters during this even will receive fee in game magic items. A special award to the users who achieve Lv.10 ; a 24inch LED monitor(for1) and Tous Les Jours Cake coupons(for 10).

Users who made a recommendation during the beta can receive rare items in game, with only logging in on the game. They can also win a Nintendo 3DS and KeroroRPG character t-shirts/hats as additional gifts.

Jo Woo-Chan, team leader of CJ E&M Online business office said, “KeroroRPG’s target market is similar to existing visitors in Tooniland, so it is expected to receive much love. I devoted myself to preparing this project. So many users can feel splendid and piquant action to blow hot summer in KeroroRPG.” 

 KeroroRPG is a fourth game following up the Keroro series such as KeroroFighter, KeroroPangPang, and KeroroRacing. Users can enjoy the adventure of becoming a member of the Keroro platoon. Its strong point is that powerful skill superior to original work and splendid animation effect. The users can experience perfect full3D background though it is a Transverse-scroll MMORPG, and convenient community system is supported so anyone can become a platoon leader and leads the platoon.