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Gamebryo Powered Atlantica Available On Nexon


RALEIGH, N.C. (July 23, 2012) – Atlantica, a popular online strategy RPG developed by Ndoors, is available to play and download for free on Nexon. The collaboration between the two companies combines Nexon’s development and service know-how with Atlantica’s unique game properties to create an immersive gaming experience.  
Utilizing the powerful Gamebryo engine, Atlantica has had a successful history since its 2008 launch. The Gamesends players across the globe to find clues about the location of the legendary lost civilization, Atlantis. Players will battle monsters taken from myth and folklore in locales like the United States, Japan, Egypt and Romania.
Key features found in Atlantica:

  • Class turn-based combat with tactical movements for deep strategic action.
  • Expansive mercenary system with over 30 companions to join you in your travels.
  • Challenging player vs. player battles.

Media Contact:
Allison Flentje
919-863-2393 ext. 216